Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Being a Square

Men at the beach fall into 3 different categories: Guys who work out, guys who are naturally thin, and those who should be wearing a t-shirt. For some reason I have seen the swimsuit of choice for most men be distinctly against the type of body they have. For example, there have been quite a few times that a man who needs to get to a gym show up at the beach in a Speedo, and the guy with the 6-pack is lounging in a pair of long board shorts. While everyone should feel comfortable at the beach I don't think that a big man in a small Speedo is good for the other spectators who will be subjected to the view. On the other hand, though, the muscular guys really should look into more revealing swim wear. The board shorts are fine, but square cut swimsuits are far more exciting. Someone who works that hard on his body should really show more off. It used to be that small bathing suits on men meant that they only belonged to certain parts of society, but I think that it's about time for the square cut to make it into mainstream society. Women have already passed the point where backless and super short dresses are considered acceptable attire so men should be given a little slack as well. Besides, us girls will be much more tempted to go sightseeing at the beach.