Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pop! Culture

For some strange reason I have really been drawn to only one of the "contest" shows on reality television. Sean, who is able to update anyone as to the current status of every contestant on American Idol, does not share my extreme enthusiasm in America's Best Dance Crew. True, both of these shows involve Randy Jackson, but they are different in nature. The clothing of a few American Idol contestants cannot compare with all the theatrical gear of the teams competing for the ABDC title. Groups of dancers choosing to either match completely, or coordinate is far more enticing to me as a viewer. In all of its seasons I have yet to actually cast a vote. My fascination is truly about body, movement, and clothing. So here I am watching the beginning of season 3, and I am excited to see what everyone will be wearing.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


There are always moments that seem to last forever. In the specific case of our new web concept, the process has been slow but steady. I am hopeful that 2009 will bring many new opportunities to us as a line, and to the US economy as a whole. While waiting for the web redesign to be finished I am taking on the task of talking to the boutiques in the Chicago land area. I would love for DEPT728 to be in a few hand-picked places so that shoppers can "happen" upon us, and discover what we have to offer. It's a necessary part of the process, and even though I feel like this line of clothing is "my baby" in some ways, I feel like it's about time to let my child go and play with the other kids.