Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bigger. Better. Brighter.

When we first started the clothing line we were full of hope, and not so full of cash. Sean has an incredible background in business along with his degree in intellectual property law. He is able to be my business partner, as well as our company's lawyer. Because of this we were able to get started with very little money. My background in fashion design, and my strength in the technical areas (pattern drafting and sewing) kept us from having to hire sewers and pattern makers in our start up stages. At this point, almost 2 years since we started, we finally have come to a point that we can start giving other professionals some of the tasks. The first one: Our website. While it is good that I learned some HTML and CSS online, and attempted to put a website together that was functional, it was certainly not a fantastic site. Our clothes are great, and I want the website to showcase them. My good friend (and quite amazing) Nejat is taking over the website, and we are going to be able to launch, along with a full shopping cart, at the end of August. By next week I will have mock ups of the pages, and I can barely wait! If you would like to see what Nejat has done, his portfolio is available at

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nejat said...

Hey thanks for the praise, Ruth! You're great at what you do, too!