Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Just because something is available to buy does not mean that it is in style. Most of the time people justify buying inappropriate clothing with the fact that someone is selling it. Each person has a unique shape. Because not everyone looks the same, not everyone can wear all of the trendy looks. I, for one, cannot do the very billowy tops with shorts. Being curvy means that I can look like I am wearing a tent very quickly. Petite girls, however, will look lovely in that sort of look. It is trendy, but it is not a look for me. Conversely, the 1940's pinup style bathing suits look amazing on me, and the tiny girls will not get the same effect. So when you are shopping, be selective. Choosing the most flattering of the trendy looks for your shape is the best way to go. Just because it's on a rack doesn't mean it is meant for you. Happy summer shopping!



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