Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Cotton Condom

Somehow I never tire of talking about the cotton condom. Let me explain exactly what this is: Men with truly fantastic physiques who only seem to wear t-shirts that are entirely too small for them. The t-shirt is so tight, in fact, that the fabric is pulling underneath the armpits in an attempt to stretch itself across the buff wearer's chest. So essentially, the garment is no longer considered a t-shirt, it's more like a cotton condom. I used to think it was amusing, but now I just want to shake the guys wearing them and tell them to get a clue. I am sure that with all the hard work that they do at the gym they deserve to show off their physique, but enough is enough. Fit is something that everyone needs to find. Sometimes it's harder to get clothes to fit correctly when you are shaped differently than most of the population, but that is no excuse. Dept728, for one, created an athletic fit specifically for the gym rats so that they can wear something that shows off their v-shaped torsos without pulling too tightly in the chest or being too loose in the waist. Other lines do have some sort of athletic fit shirt as well. So sometimes it takes a little more effort to find something that fits, but wearing a t-shirt that looks like it's from the kids department is not the answer.

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