Saturday, March 15, 2008


Pockets are tricky little buggers. Sometimes they help out in other ways than just giving you a place to put your stuff. On denim, in particular, pockets are important for the rear view. Bulky cargo pockets on smaller, flatter bottoms can actually give a little shape to an otherwise low profile rear. Those with ample rears, however, should avoid them for the same reason. For larger rears pocket placement is key. A centrally located, simple pocket can highlight the right part of the butt for shape. Pockets that are set too wide make even the roundest bottoms look flat and wide. Small pockets on a larger butt will also not work in your favor. As in style as the larger, lower pockets have become, it is important to find jeans with pockets that suit your backside since most people will have to see you from behind. No matter how good a jean looks in the front, the back must also be taken into consideration for a 360 degree look.

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