Thursday, March 6, 2008


When every major magazine has models looking flawless and barely made-up (unless, of course. they are doing some crazy shoot with feathers and sequins applied to the models' faces) it seems silly for women today to apply their makeup with a palette knife. New technology has made foundations air light, powders so fine they are undetectable, and mascara that never clumps. I can tell when most women are wearing makeup (and thankfully most of them are), but most men can't tell at all. Yesterday, however, I came face to face with a face full of makeup. Aside from the clear line along the jaw where the foundation ended, there was a scary pinkish hue and a layer of foundation on her face so thick it looked like a rubber mask. Frankly, I thought that she would probably be a pretty girl if she just got out of "Halloween mode." My mother always said "less is more," and I think that, in this case, she was definitely right.

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