Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pull It Together

Subtle themes can take an ensemble to the next level. For instance, a gray jacket with a subtle purple pinstripe can be mixed with a pair of solid black flannel trousers and a deep purple sweater vest over a lavender dress shirt. The jacket has a pattern, the vest mimics the color of the pattern in the jacket, the dress shirt is another shade of the same tone of the vest, and the pants are solid but introduce a subtle texture. Outfits like this give the eye something to play with in every element. They do not look busy or overdone, but simply add a unifying theme. Had all the pieces (jacket, vest, shirt, trouser) been used in another ensemble, but without having the colors and textures add interest, the outfit would have been a major yawn. Even a simple track jacket, jeans, and t-shirt combination is more interesting when it is pulled together with a unifying theme. Suppose the jacket was a deep green with an orange stripe on the shoulders. The t-shirt could then be a camouflage print with a small orange graphic, and paired with a pair of dark denim jeans with an interesting wash. What would have been an outfit that looks thrown on now looks like a put together ensemble. It is no less comfortable, nor is it much harder to do. All it takes is an awareness of color and detail. With that sensibility there is nothing that will look boring no matter how simple it is.

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