Friday, March 28, 2008

Selling Out

We are preparing for the Chicago Indie Designer Market this summer. It will be the first time that, as a company, Dept728 is available in person to the public. In the beginning we had attempted to start our business in stores, but with the difficulty of guaranteeing that the customer would be assured the right fit (since men have 10 sizes to choose from) we decided to hold back and opt for a web based operation where we can ask all the questions we need in order to make sure that each customer gets the best fit for his body type. The Indie Market will give us face to face interaction with customers who have never heard of us before. I am very excited and a bit nervous. For one, Sean and I will have to guess what would be best to cut and sew for the market. What if we sell out of a certain size and miss out on sales? I know that I can offer customers custom sewn garments sent to them, but most people want to try it on and take it home the same day. I think that getting the feedback from customers feeling, seeing, and trying on our clothing will be so helpful in going forward with the best fit possible. Hopefully this will be a great success.

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