Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Who knew there would be such a thing as a bad muffin top? Frankly I feel like the top is the best part of the muffin, and the first thing I eat. In fashion, though, a muffin top is completely unappetizing. Most of the time when I spot a woman walking down the street in jeans that her hips are spilling over the top of my stomach turns. Most of the time the muffin top is a side effect of a size problem. Each woman has a unique curve to her hips. Some companies will fit one woman, yet be completely wrong for the next. When buying lower rise jeans the fit and curve of the hip is essential. The most expensive denim will look cheap when paired with a muffin top. Aside from fit size is also an issue. Some women feel defined by the number on the tag inside their jeans. No woman is the same exact size throughout different lines, and it doesn't mean that she has gained or lost weight just because the tag reads a lower or higher number. Sometimes squeezing into a smaller size only makes a person look larger. Considering that people on the street are not equipped with x-ray vision, the number on the tag is not as obvious as the flesh spilling out above the waistband. I don't care if the size reads 2 or 22 as long as the fit is perfect. If it makes a difference I recommend tearing out the tag once the jeans are purchased. If the jeans fit fantastically then they are the right size. It's that simple.

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