Friday, April 4, 2008

Drawing the Line

Lines make all the difference. The lines of a garment will either accentuate or detract from the person wearing them. When a garment is striped, there are far more lines to consider. Horizontal stripes are in right now, and only a select few can actually wear them. Slender men without a lot of bulk or muscle can wear them without problems, petite women can also do the same. Chesty women, or very muscled men, however, have quite a lot of dimension to their bodies already, and horizontal stripes will only make their proportions look cartoonish. Even a tiny bit of excess weight will be shown in a striped garment, so anyone not at the gym everyday should be careful. Luckily, stripes can be used in other ways for the rest of us who were not born with exceptional metabolisms. Striped structured sport coats look good on almost anyone since the structure of the garment is very flattering to almost any body type. Nautical striped bags and hats are also a good way to work the trend. So keep your eye on the lines for this season, and remember to use them only to your advantage.



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