Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Answer is Clear

I love Lucite. Big geometric Lucite blocks in home decor are my favorite. The form is alone, colorless, and allows light to pass through it in an enticing way. Clear accessories are a way to take the same effect, and apply it to your wardrobe. Lucite bangles, jelly ballet flats, and glass earrings are all fantastic additions to your ensemble. First, they go with literally everything. Second, they add a totally unexpected twist to an otherwise plain look. Finally, they are fairly inexpensive and lots of fun. I found the most attractive clear accessories are at the mass retailers for relatively little money. H&M had a great clear bangle with silver dots on it, Forever21 had fantastic clear twist earrings, and Target had cute clear jelly flats with a bit of holographic glitter in them. The ballet flats are going to go everywhere from the beach to the mall, and the bangle and earrings can get a bit dressier. There is always a way to make room for something fun in your wardrobe...clearly.



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