Monday, April 28, 2008


With all the varieties of jeans today it is important to make sure that the tailoring is done well. New technology makes the hems of the denim more interesting, and worth preserving. Reattaching the bottom is the way to go when shortening the length. Jeans that are too long MUST be shortened. Denim can go many places, but ripped and shredded bottoms are not the same as "distressed denim" you can buy from the store. Proper length and proper tailoring are important things. The one thing to know about denim is that fit in the waist and hip is important to have from the store. The nature of the seam work on jeans makes them very hard to tailor. Most of the time it is impossible to "take in" a pair of jeans. Be a fit snob and the store and find the pair that works for your body, then have them shortened if necessary. With so many brands out there at least one will lay well on your waist and hips. Remember: There is a fine line between distressed and messy, so find a pair of jeans that fits your style, then fit them to your length.

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