Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Ideas

Every artist experiences a block once in a while. When I find myself thinking in circles I go to other forms of artistic expression. Because fashion is both beautiful and functional I tend to gravitate towards others that have to incorporate purpose into their creations. While painting and sculpture can be great to look at I find that jewelry, food, and furniture are the most engaging objects for me. Great ideas can be extracted from other art forms. The way a chair is designed, or how a cake is seemingly gravity-defying can be so very inspirational to me. Modern architecture will use composition and details in the same manner than I will move seams or incorporate one bold graphic to make visual impact. Since, at the moment, I am working on the uniforms for The Underground Chicago's Treated Thursdays, there are times where I feel that I keep making the same piece over and over (which is true). Taking a break to watch the food network or HGTV gives me some rest from the pieces I am currently working on, and lets me think about what to design next.



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