Monday, April 7, 2008


Plaid has been a staple in American sportswear for decades. Sometimes plaid can look very fresh, but when used in certain ways plaid can look dated. For the spring madras plaid walking shorts are very modern with a flat front and clean details. Even though plaid is a pattern pairing it with a simple print is totally acceptable. Colorful plaid bottoms paired with a simple screen printed shirt is a great way to pair prints. When wearing more than one print at once remember the rule of proportion. If one pattern is complicated keep the other simple. If one pattern is smaller make the other one larger. Two patterns that are like proportions and complexities will look too busy. For instance, a plaid pant can be paired with a shirt that has a few large screened flowers on it. The sizes are very different and the flowers are less busy than the plaid. Those same plaid pants with a medium polka dotted shirt, however, will become an outfit that you can easily add a big red foam nose and a multi-colored wig to. So be mindful of your proportions, but experiment away with plaid. The pairings can look very updated and fashionable for spring.



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