Friday, April 25, 2008

Short Shorts

The summer is has officially begun. Shorts of all lengths are now totally wearable, and acceptable in many different situations. For professional looks, women can incorporate walking shorts (just above the knee) with sport coats and cardigans. For night the short-short can be worn as long as a few rules are observed: First, the woman wearing the shortest shorts must have great legs. Clothing should highlight your best feature so if your legs are not the most complimented part of your body it would be best to stick with a longer short. If your legs are beyond amazing then wear those short shorts with pride! The second thing to consider is the shoes to go with such short shorts. Last night, Kid Sister performed at The Underground club in Chicago in a great pair of short shorts paired with a peep toe stiletto shoe. Feminine high heels are the best bet when revealing your gams in order to give the correct tone and shape to the leg in a sexy, feminine way. The last thing to make sure of is hydration. Showing skin means making that skin gleaming and smooth. Firming lotions with a little bit of shimmer are the best. With glowing skin, great legs, and some hot high heels you are all set! Rock those shorts ladies!

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