Saturday, April 5, 2008

Popping the Cherry

Since the very beginning we have had a following within Chicago. A few of my old contacts and friends became big fans of the clothing Dept 728 has to offer. Thankfully those few people have spread our name by word of mouth over the last year and a half that we have been in business. Since putting up the website we decided to actually incorporate the ability to purchase online. While lots of people have gone to they had yet to actually buy something straight from the website. This week was the beginning of our online retail success when we started receiving orders through the website. I am so excited to show people across the country what Dept 728 is all about. I am obsessed with fit and proportion. The lines of the menswear are specifically engineered to work with the body and fit men in a very streamlined kind of way. I believe that we have something very unique to offer the fashion world, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to do so.



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