Saturday, March 15, 2008


There is a golden ratio for bodies. Longer legs and a somewhat shorter torso is ideal. No matter what the actual proportions of the body are it is possible to visually suggest the more ideal scenario. Dropped waist dresses, for example, are a great idea for girls with short torsos and long legs. Empire waist dresses, in contrast, help shorten a longer torso and add visual length to the leg line. For men, shirt length is the most important consideration. Shorter men (or tall men with long torsos) should always make sure to have their shirts end just below the belt line. Long legged men can correct their shorter torsos by extending their shirts to the hip level instead. Ideally, the clothing will make the body actually look as if it is proportioned correctly, and always looking good is golden.
P.S. Dept728 will cut extra length or shorten the length on shirts ordered on the website. Just email me to request adjustments.

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