Thursday, February 21, 2008

1...2...3...Piece Suiting

Some say that American men have become overly casual. There are days where I walk down the street and think that this statement is true. Tuesday, however, threw me for a loop. Ironically, I was in the loop in Chicago. I had been downtown on a job and was walking through a building on the way back to the train. Down the corridor I notice a handsome, tall, well dressed man walking in the opposite direction. He was wearing a fantastic light brown suit, and had worn a lightweight maroon zip sweater over his collared shirt, and underneath his jacket. The suit was impeccably tailored, and the dash of color in the center was genius. I am sure I stared at him a bit too long because he caught me looking at him. I know that I must not have been the only woman to notice him that day. Kudos to the American men out there who understand the art of dressing!

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