Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am back and forth on the issue of color in dressing. Sometimes I opt for an all black ensemble, but make sure I play with texture and proportion. In fact, I often find it more interesting to see someone dressed mono chromatically with lots of texture and really interesting seam work. Perhaps it's more to play with, visually, since I like that sort of thing as a designer. It may not be something most people pick up on. Color, however, doesn't go unnoticed. A really fantastic print can make a boring jeans and shirt into something very chic, and for men, using a print on pocket squares, ties, and trouser socks (or very bright sneakers if you are part of the hipster set) can really push an outfit up to the next level. Stylist Sarah Shirley said it is important to add color to a boring outfit, even if it means putting on a colored shoe with a gray or black suit. Eye candy works to every one's advantage. It shows personality. It gets noticed, and who wouldn't want that?



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