Thursday, February 21, 2008


There are only a few garments that hang in my closet with only one option. Most of the clothing I own tends to have multiple uses. Dresses are generally the garments that can only be worn one way. Sometimes that is the best thing about them. When it is impossible to decide what to wear, a dress is the perfect answer. The only thing to decide is what accessories to pair it with. On other days, when I am in the mood to really get dressed, I prefer to find new ways to wear the garments I already own. New options for things I have make me giddy. Sometimes I throw things on my bed and layer them until something new emerges. When I work with private clients this exercise allows them to see all the fantastic things they already own (and then we throw the other 50% of the their wardrobe out). I think everyone should try it at home with their own clothes: Pull out one or two pieces that don't get much use (but the terribly ugly stuff should be donated to charity) and start pulling out items that may or may not work with that first item. Throw them all together on the bed and start playing around with combinations. Eventually something wonderful will emerge.



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