Thursday, February 28, 2008


I saw a really funny sticker the other day which said "I have more shoes than my girl does." It was amusing to me because it is a rather recent development that men have developed a shoe fetish. All the really bright sneakers and limited edition shoes out there have created a culture of men who collect shoes with more gusto than a woman drooling over some Jimmy Choo heels. Perhaps because men are naturally more competitive, or just because they are trying to make up for lost time, I feel they are surpassing females very quickly in this area. The only downside I see is that the man used to be the one to make sure that his girlfriend's shoes didn't get dirty as she walked down the street. Now, they are more concerned with their own kicks to bother watching out for ours. I watched my male friend clean his favorite white sneakers the other night for over 30 minutes! As long as it keeps men silent about how much women spend on shoes, however, I am willing to embrace the change.

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