Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Skinny

Ties for men, are similar to women and shoes. Some women have 100s of shoes, and some men have 100s of ties. Just like whether or not a woman has the build to wear shoes with ankle straps (note: most women should not, it visually cuts off the leg) men cannot always pull off a skinny tie. The skinny tie is a definite fashion statement. It is hip, mod, and very chic. Most trends, however, are not suited to all people. Skinny ties are the same. For most men, proportion is everything. The smaller the man, the better off he is with a smaller (skinnier) tie. Dior Homme has skinny suits and skinny ties for skinny men. Medium builds can usually wear skinny ties as long as they are paired with a sport coat to narrow the visual field. Larger builds, though, should stick with a more traditional tie. The proportion of a traditional tie on a broader man will make for a more attractive ensemble, or forgo the tie completely and buy a fantastic pocket square.



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