Friday, February 29, 2008

For the Ladies this Summer

Ladies, before the weather turns, we need to discuss something: Wearing the appropriate undergarments and swimsuits this summer. Last summer I was absolutely distraught by the number of women I saw in ridiculously inappropriate underwear and bathing suits. I find that women are especially bad about wearing the proper colored underwear with light colored clothing in the summer. Nude is always the way to go. When you wear white underwear with white clothing it shows underneath a lot. Skin colored underwear dissapears, while white underwear is amplified by the sheer white on top of it. Colored underwear is a no-no. If you are wearing a bright pink thong with white pants you look ridiculous. Every woman should have a nude bra and nude thong. If you don't, go buy one immediately. Also, if the summer clothing you have bought is clingy, make sure that the underwear you pair with your ensemble doesn't bunch underneath the clothing. Tight pants need thongs. Panty lines are totally unnecessary. If thongs are unacceptable then investigate seamless boyshorts or other alternatives. Technology such as laser cutting and all way stretch eliminate any need for visible undergarments. We all have no excuses. Now, as for bathing suits at the beach: Please have a healthy sense of your body type. Beautiful women of all sizes can wear bikinis as long as they are toned and trim. I have a friend who is a size 12 and is very fit and looks fantastic in a bikini. Conversely, a smaller girl who is a bit soft-looking is much more attractive in a monokini or one-piece than she would be in a bikini. Bustier girls need to make sure that whatever style they decide to wear has enough support to lift and separate their breasts. Bouncing around on the beach can be terribly taxing on the ligaments that support the bust, and no one wants to help gravity along. As for curvier ladies I would like to stress that acceptance is key. Most of the world has trouble areas, but coming to the beach in a caftan is unnecessary. As long as you have worn a flattering one piece or tankini (and I have seen some nice ones, but we are also going to make a great tankini for this summer) you will be fine. Don't worry about your thighs or try to hard to cover yourself. Board shorts can be too much, and only serve to draw attention to you at the beach. Have fun and be confident. Life is too short to worry about how you look in a swimsuit. So ladies, please be mindful of your underwear and swimwear this summer. We will all appreciate it.



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