Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting for Spring

I am so ready for spring! I am especially excited about the change in wardrobe that warmer weather brings. I have had enough of the dark suiting and layers upon layers (though I was excited about them when fall came around). I want to have fun with summer weight suiting and brighter colors. For our spring collection, we are using really simple palm frond silhouettes in different ways. We are going to use them in the positive with a white stamp method and in the negative with a brown spray paint method. I especially love the beautiful spring colors: Orange, white, butter yellow, sky blue, celery green, and beige. Crisp white linen pants are my favorite for men out on the beach during the warmer months. Linen is a pain to keep unwrinkled, but a certain amount of wrinkle is expected, and the linen/cotton blends are fantastic. Now if the weather would only warm up sooner...



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