Sunday, February 24, 2008


One of my guy friends explained to me that men can only know colors as blue, yellow, orange, etc. Salmon and mango, are not colors to men, they are food, and food alone. What I think is strange about that philosophy is that some of the best colors out there are described by foods. Sage, tangerine, persimmon, cerise, candy apple red, salmon, butter yellow, peach, eggplant, and berry are fantastic shades. In our current collection of basic tees we have a shade called butter. Food, like color, is delicious and should be indulged in regularly. I know, as a woman, I am constantly overjoyed when I meet a guy with a fantastic sense of style which is almost always coupled with a great sense of color. I don't see it as being 'manly' when a guy doesn't know of a certain color. In fact, guys get more kudos for being aware of them. Clearly he is either well read or pays attention to the other women in his life enough to know.



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