Friday, February 29, 2008


Men look so much better slightly over-dressed. Women respond to clothing as a cue to the stability of the man. A man in a suit is more attractive than a guy running around in a tee shirt and jeans. Some women are attracted to the bad boys and are more attracted to the man in ripped jeans, hoodie, and leather jacket, but they are making an unconscious effort to find someone unstable. Men tend to underestimate how important their clothing is. A little bit of ironing and tailoring goes a long way. Subconsciously it indicates a confidence that women read as a sign of stability, and stability is more attractive than looks. When shopping for clothing, men should find items that fit really well on their bodies, but also that can be a little more dressy if necessary. Dark denim will go more places than a pair of distressed jeans. The darker denim will also look a little more clean and classic. Even if a guy wants to wear nothing more than tee shirts and jeans there are ways to make that a bit more dressy. Tee shirts made of fine fabrics (rayon and silk knits, or combed mercerized cotton) which fit very well are leagues ahead of that $2 Hanes tee. Smart graphics and interesting details (not illustrations of bikini clad women) will add interest as well. It may take a little more time to find, but in the end it will ratchet your look into another echelon of style.
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